Equifax’s Business Credit Scores

  Equifax’s main business credit scoring model is the Credit Risk Score. This score was created to predict the probability of a business customer becoming seriously delinquent (90 days late) within a 12-month period Credit scores range from 1-100, with a lower score indicating […]

Experian’s Business Credit Scores Part 1

  The second most popular credit score in the business world is the Experian Intelliscore. Experian’s most recent score system is known as Intelliscore Plus, which they boast of as the next level in credit scoring Intelliscore Plus takes into account hundreds of variables […]

Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit Scores

  Dun & Bradstreet provides two Performance Credit  Scores. D&B’s Performance Scores reflect a company’s past performance using only information within the D&B database. D&B’s 2 core Performance Scores are Paydex Score and D&B Rating. The Paydex Score- Indicates how a company has paid […]

Business Credit Scoring 101

  Your business has its own credit profile and score linked to your business EIN number. 3 main business reporting agencies provide your business credit profile and score Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax. Commercial. A business credit score is a mathematical model that […]

Interesting Equifax History

Equifax is the oldest and largest consumer credit bureau in existence today. They were originally founded in 1898, 70 years before the creation of TransUnion. Two brothers, Cator and Guy Woolford, created the company. Cator actually got the idea from his grocery business, where […]